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Battery tester

1.DownLoad Maccor Software 

2.Powr Fail Message

3.Cooling Fan Oil 보충방법

4.전류교정방법(Current Calibration Method) 

   4-1.Range #1교정 of MR Module

5.전압교정방법(Voltage Calibration Method)

6.Maccor System 일반관리지침

7.Preparation of AC Power for Maccor System.

8.Combined Channels

9. Presentation-Series4000


11.How to set Impedence(EDA) Procedure

12. How to Assign Auxillary Inputs

13.Maccor Warranty & Part Return Policy

14.Maccor Battery Conference  2006

15.Test Cable Selection Guide

16.Presentation-Series 5300

17.System Dimension Made by Thermo-Tech


19. Capacitance Graphing & View data

20. Smart Battry Alarm setting

21.Smart Battery General Information.

22.Passive Smart Feature

23. How to find Controller Board Problem.

24. 5608 Controller Board Jump Setting

25. EVC Channel Calibration Instruction

26. EVC Calibration Screen

27. Template Graphing File(MIMS)

28.Charge with No-Risk

29.Channel Inspection & Fuse Replacement

30.Let Maccor Satisfy Your Applications Need

31.Why Do More People Choose Maccor

32. Host Computer Configuration for XP

33. Remote Control Setting


 Test Procedure(측정방법1)-동영상

1.What is Conductance

2.Intelec92    3.Intelec94

4.Intelec95     5.Intelec96

6.Intelec97      7.Intelec98



10.Conductance Controlled Charging

11.France telecom Intelec



12. Conductance Technology


  Software Download

     1. Info-Software


     2.USB Driver



     3.PowerSure Software

















































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