The name for excellence in battery test equipment

 The founders of Maccor designed and built their first computer based battery test

 system in  1983, for use in the development of a re-chargeable Lithium battery.

 Today, Maccor designs  and manufactures an extensive range of automated battery

 test equipment for use in  applications including materials testing, battery R&D,

 manufacturing, quality control, and  product testing. Based on an exclusive electronics

 design, Maccor systems are acknowledged  worldwide for their superior performance

 in terms of accuracy, speed, and overall  functionality. Continued high levels of perfor

-mance, quality, and technical support have  enabled Maccor to maintain their position

 as the industry standard in more than 30 countries.
 Model 2300 bench top battery test system and Model 0305 Electrochemical Device

 Analyzer  can be operated as stand alone units or in conjunction with a multiplexer,

 which when  combined can provide a powerful multi-channel material testing tool.

 Typical tests that can be  performed include constant current/voltage/power cycling,

 cyclic voltametry, and sweep  frequency AC impedance.


 The Series 4000 is the flagship of the Maccor product line, providing customized,

 multiple  channel, battery test systems that offer the highest level of specifications and

 features. These  systems can be supplied with 1, 2, or 4 current ranges per test channel,

 with current ranges  from 150 m A to 2000 A at voltages from 5 V to 150 V. Standard

 specifications include a time r esolution of 10 milli-seconds and accuracy <0.02% full

 scale for both current and voltage.  High-speed pulsing options are available for single

 level, multiple level, and multi-slot pulses,  down to 100 m S pulse width. Up to 128

 channels can be supplied per system. Optional  features include, temperature, pressure,

 and individual cell voltage measurements, external  charge and discharge controllers,

 output drives for switching external devices, and smart  battery pack interface. The system

 is complemented with a new enhanced graphics and  optional data processing package,

 that provides an extremely high level of  flexibility in the way data is plotted or processed.

 Primary cell testing is also emphasized with the recently introduced Series 3500.

 This system  is designed to meet ANSI and IEC specifications over a wide range of current

 and resistive  loads. Typically used for short-term tests, this system provides a higher level

 of testing  capability and reduced maintenance when compared with traditional designs.

 In the last 4 years, Maccor has supplied over 100 cell formation systems for use in the

 manufacture of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer cells. With formation cabinet sizes from 256

 to 2048 cells, each cell has independent control of the formation program, and of the data

 measurement and storage. A typical system can form cells at up to 5 V, 2.5 A, or at higher

 currents with our cell combination feature. The standard constant current, constant voltage

 formation profile can be programmed, along with cell grading and multiple safety functions.

 A  variety of mechanical cell fixture assemblies are available for use with different cylindrical,

 prismatic and polymer cell sizes.


 To help maintain our worldwide leadership in battery test systems, product support is

 provided by a team of experienced customer support personnel. These engineers are dedicated to

 assisting the customer in obtaining the maximum benefit from the ownership

 of a Maccor  system. This support is provided by phone, fax, e-mail, or site visit, as appropriate.


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