Series 4000

 Performance Specifications


   No. of Test Channels:       8 to 192 per system
   Voltage Ranges:               -5V to +5V or 0V to 10V

                                           (other Voltage ranges available Up to 450Volt)
   Voltage Accuracy:             0.02% of full scale voltage
   Voltage Resolution:           16 bit
   Current Ranges:                Single Current Range 1mA to 2000 A  
                                          Two Current Ranges Any combination of two of the above                                                 Ranges
                                          Four Current Ranges   150 uA, 5 mA, 150 mA, 5A
   Current Accuracy:              0.02% of full scale current
   Current Resolution:           16 bit
   Time Resolution:               10 mS standard, with 5 mS and 1 mS as an option
   Minimum Pulse Width:       100 uS
   Rise Time:                        500 uS standard in constant current modes,

                                          100uS or 20 uS optional
   Switch Time:                      Full charge to full discharge 400 mS standard,

                                           <500 uS optional
   Data Recording Rate:         200 data points per second per system standard
   Data Recording Internal:     Time (minimum 10 mS standard, 1 mS optional),
                                           dV, dI, dHh, dWh, dT, dP, dpH
   Operating Modes:              Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power,    
                                          Constant Resistance, Ramp Voltage, and Ramp Current
   No. of Seps per Test:         128 standard
   Step End Conditions:       Voltage, Current, Time, -dV, dV/dT, dV/dt, Ah, Wh, HCAh,

                                     HC Wh, LHC Ah, LHC Wh, Auxiliary Voltage, Reference

                                  Electrode Voltage, Temperature, dT/dt, dT/dt, pH, Pressure


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