Series 4000/  Description


 The Series 4000 is a range of fully automated, computerized battery test systems

 that provide the  highest level of  specifications and features available in a Maccor

 test system.


 From the base system that provides exceptional accuracy and high speed testing

 capability with an advanced level of integrity, features can be added to allow the

 Series 4000 system to perform virtually any type of cell or battery test, with any

 battery chemistry.



         Materials Testing


       Portable Electronic Device Applications

       Research and Development  

       Battery Pack Assembly


       Quality Control in Manufacturing

       Ultra-Capacitor Testing


       Qualification Testing


 The Series 4000 systems are available in sizes from 8 to 192 test channel.

 Systems  are custom manufactured to meet a specific customer's needs. They

 can be configured with a wide range of voltage and current ranges, and can be

 fitted with additional hardware to provide a number of optional  features and


 Based on tried and proven technology, the Series 4000 is designed to be readily

 upgraded. This allows  Maccor to continuously introduce new features that keep up

  with the ever changing  requirements and level of sophistication demanded by our



 Supplied as a complete turnkey system, the Series 4000 consists of a test cabinet, PC

 computer and  test software, with options of a UPS and Printer.

 The test cabinet and PC computer are connected via a high-speed 10 Base T

 communications network.


 As soon as AC power is connected to the test system, it is ready for immediate use.

 To provide maximum flexibility and speed of operation, single board computer controllers

 within the test cabinet provide control of the tests and collect the initial data. Each

 controller supports

 from one to eight test channels, dependent on the application. In addition, the test

 cabinet  contains the individually controlled electronic loads, and power supplies for

 charging purposes.


 Each test channel is operated independently. This allows different tests to be performed

 on different test channels simultaneously, with tests being started independently, or in a

 block. Once started, tests operate completely automatically until the appropriate test end

 condition is reached


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