Series 4000

  Available Options


 -Pulsing:             GSM, CDMA, Multi-level plus others
-High Speed Data Acquisition: Up to 50 KHz in burst mode
-Reference Electrode Inputs: High impedance, standard range +/- 5V
-Thermocouple Inputs: Type "T," "K," or "J"
-Thermistor Inputs: Various types
-Pressure Inputs: 0 to 2000 psi or 0 to 500 psi standard, for use with

                          0 to  100mV transducers

 -Auxiliary Voltage Inputs: High Impedance, +/- 5V, +/- 10V, +/- 20V

 -pH Inputs: 0 to 13 pH for use with probes with >10 K- ohm input

-LED Status Indicator: LED indicates active channel
-External Charge Controllers: Rated from 10A to 200A, for use with

                                           external battery chargers

 -External Load Controllers: Rated from 10A to 200A, for use with external

-Smart Battery Pack: SM Bus communication for testing of smart battery

-Thermal Chambers: Automatic control of thermal chamber set point

                               temperature via RS232/IEE 488 interface
-Battery Interfaces: Custom interfaces, including adjustable cell holders,

                           coin cell holders, shelves, custom enclosures, etc.

 -Automatic calibrator

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