M-R Software

The Series 4000, Series 3600,Series 5300, Model 2300, and Model MC4 systems  

 utilize the M-R Software.
 Operating under Windows 98 or XP, Maccor's M-R test software combines both

 sophisticated  test control and synchronized high speed data acquisition functions

 in a single package. With  a minimum of keystrokes, you can easily program a simple

 one step discharge test, or a  complex test with multiple cycles, nested loops, and

 multiple end conditions. As the test  progresses, you can: view both the test data and  graphical display; at any point in the test,  plot  test data or graphics; or, export data

 either automatically or manually to a local area  network  for additional data processing

 and report generation. The Export, Graphing, View  Data, and  Build Test software can

 be installed on a separate PC, thus, freeing the system PC  for  dedicated system data


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