Series 4000

   Model 4304 / Desktop Battery Test System

  4 Channel Material & Cell and Capacitor Test System  

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    Multi-current range test channels
    Economically priced
    Compact and lightweight


 The Model 4304 has all the power of Maccor's Series 4000 floor standing cabinet conveniently packaged in a desktop cabinet.

The Model 4304 is supplied as a complete turnkey system with Tester PC and software. Powered by Maccor's standard battery testing software and utilizing the same technology found in Maccor's high precision Series 4000 laboratory test systems, the Model 4304 is the perfect introductory test system into Maccor's high quality, dependable test systems.

The Model 4304 is supplied with a PowerPole interface for easily connecting cables or cell holders. Each desktop cabinet is available with up to 8 test positions, however, test systems can have multiple test cabinets.

The Model 4304 can be configured with multi-current range channels, which have a current control range of 300 ηA to 5 A. These multi-current range channels can be configured for voltage ranges of -5V or 0V to +10V as standard. The accuracy for current and voltage on these channels is +/-0.02% FSR. Alternately, the system can be configured with single current range channels, which can be configured for higher voltages and currents. The single current range channels have a current accuracy of +/-0.02% FSR and a voltage accuracy of +/-0.02% FSR.

The Model Model 4304 supersedes the

 Model MC-4


 Standard Features and Functions


   1.Adaptable To A Wide Range Of Products (i.e. batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.)

      And Battery Chemistries

   2.Easily Scalable To Support Capacity Expansion At Acceptable Costs

   3.Easy To Use And Maintain Minimizing Labor Force

   4.Customizable To Meet Varying And Evolving Customer Requirements

   5.Easily Adaptable To Meet A Wide Range Of Testing Needs

   6.Each Test Station Operates Independently Of The Other Positions

   7.Can Be User Programmed To Operate In Steps Of Constant Current, Constant Power,

      Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance, or Voltage Scan (Cyclic Voltammetry).

   8.With the MIMS Client data is easily viewed graphically with different standard graphs.

      Several Chart types may be displayed at the same time with the ability to store the

      display settings as a template. Data from different devices may be overlaid on a single

      chart or viewed side-by-side.


Operating independently, each test channel can be started and stopped at any time,

and can be programmed to perform different tests at the same time. Each step of the

test procedure can be programmed for any of the four (4) ranges, allowing automatic

range change between steps. As standard, the Model 4304 includes sixteen (16) reference

electrode voltage inputs, and eight (16) thermocouple inputs. System operation is based

on Maccor's Windows XP -based software, providing both sophisticated test control and

high speed data acquisition



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