Series 4000

 Model 2300 / Desktop Battery Test System


     Performance Specifications

 No. of Test Channels:   8 independent
 Current Ranges:           5A with accuracy <+/- 1mA
                                   150 mA with accuracy <+/- 30 uA
                                   5 mA with accuracy <+/- 1 uA        

                                  150 uA with accuracy <+/- 30 nA
 Voltage Ranges:           Select from 0 to 5V, -5V to +5V, 0 to 10V, or -5V to 10V
 Voltage Accuracy:         0.02% of full scale voltage
 Time Resolution:          10 mS standard, GSM/CDMA and other pulse capability

                                   available as an option
 Operating Modes:         Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power,  

                                   Constant Resistance, Ramp Voltage, and Ramp Current
 Reference Electrodes:   Sixteen (16) inputs fully assignable in software

                                    Input impedance > 10 ohms
 Temperature:                Eight(8) type T thermocouple inputs, fully assignable in  

 Cell Interface:               4 wire cables, each 2 m in length, terminated with aligator

                                    clips. Standard size cell holders available as an option
 Software:                    Maccor's Gen 4 Windows98 or XP based test software provides
                                   test control, data acquisition, and graphics capability
 PC Computer:              Minimum Pentium 2GHz, 40GB HD, 256MB RAM, 52X CD-ROM,

                                  17 in. monitor
 AC Input:                     110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase
 Dimensions:                 28 cm. wide x 45 cm. high x 50 cm. deep
 Weight:                        30 kg.


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