Series 4000

 Model:MC4 / 4-Channel Cell and Materials Test System 

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  The MODEL MC4 is a small desk top mounted four (4) channel cell and materials

  test system. It has been designed to provide the most economical solution to meet

  the testing needs of   Research Institutes, University Research Departments, and small

  Test Laboratories. Typical a   pplications include performance testing of electrode and   separator materials, and half or full   cells of any cell chemistry. Although this system is

  low in cost, it is high in features, providing   most of the capability of our larger test

   systems, including:

   - Multi-current range test channels
   - Automatic current ranging
   - CC, CV, CP, CR, Potentiostatic operating modes
   - Extremely flexible test programming
   - GSM / CDMA pulse capabilities

   - Comprehensive graphics program

                                                           3 MC4 units in a 19" rack cabinet

 The Model MC4 consists of a four (4) channel desk top unit, complete with PC computer and software for control and

data acquisition purposes. All test chann

-els have four (4) current ranges.

This allows current set points to be progr

-ammed from 300nano-Amps to 3 Amps (5 Amps for 10 Volt version) on each test channel. All current ranges have an accu

-racy of 0.02% of full scale, the highest accuracy available in any multi-current range system. Operating independently, each test channel can be started and stopped at any time, and can be progr

-ammed to perform different tests at the same time. Each step of the test proced

-ure can be programmed for either auto

matic current range selection, or progra

mmed specifically for any one (1) of the four (4) current ranges. In addition to cycling in constant current, constant voltage modes etc., each test channel is capable of performing cyclic voltametry experiments and GSM and CDMA pulse discharge testing. System operation is based on Maccor’s Windows 98 or XP

test software, providing both sophistica

-ted test control and high speed data acquisition, and graphics capabilities


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