Series 5000

  Model 5300/Advanced Lithium Cell Formation System


 System Functions:

 -Charge CC to a Voltage limit, then CV to a Current limit
 -This is achieved in a single step with a smooth transition from CC to CV under  
   software control, without any switching
 -Discharge CC and other modes
 -End of Charge based on Time, Voltage, Current, or Amp-Hour, Watt-Hour, 1 /2  
   Cycle Amp-Hour, 1 /2 Cycle Watt-Hour
 -End of Discharge based on the same conditions as Charge

 System Features include:
  Individual Cell Progression
  Each cell progresses individually through all steps of the formation program  
  without stopping, independent of the status of the other cells.

  Full Data Collection Capability
  The system can be programmed to record data on every cell as fast as every one  
  (1) minute or multiple thereof. It records, Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity (Ah),  
  Energy (Wh), Cycle, Step No. and Channel Status. With a data server PC, this  
  data can be automatically backed up, processed, reports printed, and if required  
  the data can be exported to a Local Area Network.

  Increased Number of Test Steps  
  Each formation program can be up to 127 steps of charge, discharge, rest etc.

  Individual Cell Control and Measurement
  The current to each cell is individually controlled. Relay contacts ensure that current

   is truly   disconnected from the cell at the end of the formation, or if there   is a

  problem with the cell. The voltage and current of each cell is measured independently,

  and a data file is created for each cell, and for each cell tray  location.

  Cell Grading
  Cells can be graded by capacity (Ah). Any number of grade profiles can
  be programmed and stored, with an unlimited number of grades in each profile.
  Grades can be printed out after the formation is complete, or in conjunction with  
  a RAM memory chip (supplied as an option) can be used for automatic sorting of  
  cells in a separate machine.

  Maximum Current Flexibility
  The standard maximum current for this system is 2.5 Amps per cell. By  
  combining channels in software, this can be increased to 5 A or even 10 A (the  
  number of cell positions is decreased accordingly).

  Power Failure
  The PC computer stores the system status on power failure. When power is  
  restored, the system status can be uploaded to the formation system, and  
  formation continued from where it was suspended. This greatly simplifies the  
  UPS requirements.

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