Series 5000

  Model 5300/Advanced Lithium Cell Formation System


 Cell Fixtures:   

 Cell fixtures are available for various sizes

 of polymer cells. Fixtures for either Lithium

 Ion cylindrical or prismatic cells can be

 made to special order. In operation, the

 cells are loaded into cell trays, cell trays

 are loaded into a cell tray carrier, and

 the cell tray carrier is loaded into a docking

 station in the formation cabinet.
For the flat polymer type, cells are handled

in trays that contain from 2to 16 cells per

tray, depending oncell size. Cell contact is

made using Maccor’s unique pressure

contact system. This system uses elongated

air bladders to apply a significant pressure against an electronic circuit contact board.

This results in the contact board being




Cell tray carrier with  
capacity from 16 to 128 cells

  cell tabs.  This type of contact does not cause any damage to the cell tabs as could be the  case with pogo pin type contacts, and is also more tolerant of bent tabs. Each set of cell  contacts is designed to provide a true 4 wire contact, to maximize measurement accuracy.
 This method of contact has been supplied exclusively by Maccor for a number of years. The  present version incorporates plug-in contact boards that can be easily removed in a matter of  seconds for maintenance or system re-configuration purposes.
 This Maccor design provides a high level of flexibility in allowing changes in cell size to be  accommodated with a minimum of hardware changes. Changing the system for different cell  sizes can easily be accomplished at the customer site. Depending on the relative sizes of cell,  such an upgrade would normally only require the simple replacement of the contact boards,cell tray, or both. These features provide advantages over pogo pin type contact methods,In  terms of system flexibility, cost, ease of maintenance, and prevention of damage to the tabs


 4 cell and 8 cell contact boards

Currently two sizes of contact board are supplied, depending on cell size. For cells of typical cellular telephone size, each contact board can have 8 sets of cell contacts. The approximate range of cell size that can be accommodated with an 8 cell board is maximum 65 mm width and maximum 225 mm length, with cell tabs of length 20 to 25 mm. For larger cells, we supply a 4 cell contact board. This can be used for cells with approximate maximum dimensions of 135 mm width and maximum 225 mm length. Cell tab position and number of cell tabs will influence the maximum cell size or number of cells that can be fitted on to a particular cell tray.


Cell tray options include 16 cell
and 8 cell trays in anodized

aluminum or fire-resistant plastic


Cell trays are either supplied constructed in anodized aluminum in small quantities, or a fire retardant molded plastic in large quantities.  They are normally cell size specific, but some flexibility in cell size can be included if sufficient information is available from the customer at time of order. There is also the option to have full size or half size trays. Cell trays can be stacked either empty or full.

The primary function of the cell tray carrier is to move cells around more efficiently, in groups of 128 or 512 at a time. It is of metal construction, with

 each carrier holding 8 full size or 16 half size cell trays. The cell tray carrier is typically handled  using some mechanical aid, often supplied by the customer, or by using the optional loading  cart offered by Maccor.


   -Stack lights to indicate formation status

      - Relay outputs for control purposes

      - Heated cell fixture cabinets up to 50C

      - Smoke detection for cell fixture cabinet

      -Supply of electronic cabinets and software only

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