Series 5000

  Model 5300

 Advanced Lithium Cell Formation System


 Calibration and Maintenance

 Each customer is supplied with a Calibration Kit, complete with all necessary components to  perform a full calibration and verification process. The stability of a Maccor system is such that  calibration is normally only required every 6 months or longer, depending on system usage.
 Calibration is recommended using a separate PC computer (not supplied). This allows any set  of 256 cells to be calibrated, while the remainder of the formation system continues in use.  After calibration, the calibration files are simply downloaded by the operator to the host PC  computer.
 The calibration and verification procedure is quick and easy. Once the calibration equipment is  connected, and calibration started, the process is completely automatic and does not require  operator intervention. Not only does this equipment allow the individual channels to be  calibrated, but it also automatically verifies the calibration, an important step to ensure integrity  of the system, and a step

 that is overlooked by many people. To save additional time, the operator can also select to a  utomatically re-calibrate any cell position that fails the verification step.
 The only other normal maintenance items required to be performed are the changing of the  cooling air filters, which will depend on the quality of the ambient air, and as necessary, the  cleaning of the cell contact boards. For convenience, it is suggested that the contact boards  be inspected and cleaned as necessary at the time of calibration. These boards can be r  emoved in a matter of seconds, and can be cleaned if necessary using standard electronic  circuit board cleaning techniques.


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