MODEL EDA
 Multiple Channel Frequency Response Analyzer


 The Model EDA Frequency Response Analyzer is designed primarily for use in AC impedance  evaluation of batteries and supercapacitors, where the accurate measurement of low  impedance values is essential.  Utilizing the latest digital signal processing techniques, and  multiple algorithms developed by Maccor engineers, the Model EDA has the highest accuracy  and repeatability of any FRA instrument in this application.
 The Model EDA is intended for use in conjunction with the Maccor Model 2300 or Series 4000  battery  test systems, to provide a combined research tool capable of a wide range of  experiments.  These  include long term cycling, pulse discharging, cyclic voltametry, differential  capacity, and frequency  response analysis, working with either half or full cell samples.  Operation of the system is simple and  completely under PC computer control.  No manual  adjustments or settings of dials is necessary.




       Features of AC Impedance Measurement  


                Technical Bullitin-Volume 1.062


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