MODEL EDA
 Multiple Channel Frequency Response Analyzer

 The Model EDA is easy to set up and simple to operate.  The system operates under full  computer control, and stability is maintained with any test sample without the need to select  bandwidth. 

   Features of AC Impedance Measurement:
 AC impedance measurements integrated with other system experiments
 Programmable AC signal amplitude in Peak value
 Select Logarithmic Sweep  
 Program Range of Frequency Sweep
 Select the Number of Frequency Steps per Decade
 Run experiment at Voltage set by the system
 Program time delays for the start of experiment and at each frequency stop
   to allow cell to stabilize before taking measurements through the use of  
   rest step(s)



    -Data file includes:
    -Time of Measurement
    -Magnitude and Phase Angle
    -Real and Imaginary Impedance
    -Capacitance and Inductance




    -View data in real time
    -Standard Plots include:
    -Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance Magnitude, Phase Angle,  
      Real Impedance, Imaginary Impedance
      Frequency, Real Impedance, Imaginary Impedance, Cycle, Time, Voltage,
      Current, Capacity, Energy, Power




 Data from the experiments is processed in the standard Maccor MIMS data processing and

 graphics software.  For AC impedance work, additional modelling software is also available as  

  an option.

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