Digital Midtron

  6/12V Battery Conductance Tester
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  Model Number:  

   Tests 6V and 12V batteries (low and high voltage errors for batteries measuring out of range).

    Test circuitry matching the Midtronics Micro Celltron. 

  Operating Range:  
   Voltage = 12 Volt batteries = 11.5V - 15.0V
   6 Volt batteries = 5.7V - 7.7V
   Amp Hour = approximately 5Ah to 600 Ah, 12 Volt
   Conductance = 100 - 3,200 Siemens

  Test Data Storage:  
   Last test result (single test result) retained for review after test set powers down.

    Each subsequent test overwrites the prior test result 

  Test Results:  
   DC Voltage and Conductance, expressed in "Siemens"

   Test result for an individual 6-volt or 12-volt jar test only 

   +/- 2 % across test range  

  Reverse Polarity Protection:  
   Diode protected 

  Test cables:  
   Interchangeable interface (one standard #C065 DuraProbe cable set and spare probe tips

   provided with each tester)

  Voltmeter resolution::  
   +/- 20 mV DC

   Auto-calibration prior to every test; no future calibration required

  Power requirements:  
   One 9V alkaline battery for test review

  Visual Output:  
   STN LCD - 2 line 16 character, extended temperature

  Operating Temperature range:  
   0C to +40C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

  Storage Temperature Range:  
   -29C to +70C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

  Over Voltage Protection:  
   Fused protected to 60 VDC, four spare fuses included

  Housing Material:  
   Sulfuric acid resistant ABS plastic (Grade T)

  Carrying Case:  
   Acid-resistant soft vinyl carrying case for the tester and cable to protect each unit during

    storage and transportation.
   Infrared Temperature Sensor available independently - can be used to determine the actual

   battery case temperature and battery operating environment temperature

  Temperature Compensation Range:  
   None, temperature compensation conversion card included

   8" x 4.25" x 2.5"   205 mm x 102 mm x 65 mm

  Case Dimensios:  
   14" x 10.5" x 5"    750 mm x 110 mm x 65 mm

  Tester Weight:  
   1 lb. / 500 grams

  Special Features:

  • Impact resistance tested
  • Connection interfaces tested for durability and endurance
  • No-Ox grease petroleum product resistance



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