Advanced tray system


 The Model KATS-256MA is very high density tray system which can be used with

 any cell test and formation system.                                                                   

 This is designed primary for lithium-polymer(flat pack type) cell.

 Each tray cabinet consist of 16trays. Each tray have 4ea of cell holders(see picture

 below). You can mount 16 flat pack cells in each tray and 256cells in single stand

 -alone tray cabinet.

 Our unique design cell holder is made using high quality co-axial,gold plated  pogo

 pins  allowing no contact error.

 This tray system provide maximum convenience for operator  in placing cell onto

 tray. In operation, operator pull the tray to come out of cabinet as each tray move

 like drawer,and place cell onto cell holder then push the tray back to return to

 inside cabinet. If requested by customer, We supply customized Tray System

 for customer's specific needs & applications.






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