Adjustable Cell Holder

    1.General Description.

    This Adjustable Cell Holder is designed to hold any type of cylindrical cell                              
    and some prismatic cell instantly without soldering on each cell post.
    Each cell mounting position is completely independent.
    So you can mount 8 different sized cells in height,diameter y rotating the
    knob located on the top of moving rail assembly.

Adjustable Cell Holder can be supplied either with Self-Standing
    Mountable Stand(optional), Explosion Resistant Cover(optional) or
    with Multi-Purpose Ccbinet .
    As well as  we can supply customized Adjustable Cell Holder, Mountable
    StandCable length,Cable Termination on customer's request
    Please contact us  for more information.



    Independent .  Good for any size
   Easy to mount.  No damage on cell.
   Save research time. Customized Design. Reasonable Price.


                               Type A cellholder


           Type A Cellholder completed with 3191 connector


                                 Type B cellholder      

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