About Us 

     We,『KOREA THERMO-TECH CO., LTD.』 was found in 1993 to be a

     leading company in supplying test system & instruments and technical

     support in electric & electronic industry.
     We have been specializing in Battery industry & Energy industry supplying

     several types of Battery Test System,Battery monitoring system and Fuel cell

     test system to telecommunication, Automotive,Power,Railroad(Subway),

     Banking,semi-conductor,display device industry.

     We have been supplying very reliable & very high level system to most

     related research institute & companies in korea.

     We,as a member of Global Leader, have been working with very famous

     companies in the world, which are providing innovative technology,Customer

     support in the market. We will try our best to be your best partner.


     Please contact us for more information!



     Bundang Techno Park B #508-1, 148,

     Yatap-Dong, B undang-Ku, Sungnam-City

     Kyunggi-Do ,463-760, Korea.


      TEL : +82-31-707-2002
      FAX : +82-31-704-2007

      E-MAIL :kthermo@batterytestsystem.com



     TEL: +82-31-707-2002
     FAX: +82-31-704-2007